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What's in a Bundle?

I bet you'd like to know. Well as a Beauty Business owner you should know and be able to pass this information on to your customers. As the club creator and a BeautiBusiness resource invested in your business success I do my best to only offer you the best and be honest about the hair facts. So I'm spilling the tea on the facts about whats in your bundles. You can only offer the best to your customers when you know your product inside and out.


What's in a bundle?

So here's the essentials


Virgin Hair

This is hair that has been untouched by chemical processing. Essentially we would like to believe that this hair was cut directly from the head, kept cuticle aligned and hasn't been touch by any hydro-thermal processing as well, but truth is there are a lot of fakes out there and virgin hair technically only refers to if it was chemically processed. Most virgin has has been handled for wefting and kissed by steam to produce a more uniform curl and luster. So unless you have a honest vendor virgin could mean a few things. Ask questions to be sure you are getting the virgin hair you want.

Raw Hair

Raw hair started off as just that RAW hair straight off the person's head or in the collection bag (of fallen hair). However, the desired meaning for most people is Virgin hair that's only been touched by hands and the wefting machines. Raw hair can be some nasty stuff so it's important to specify to your vendor that you actually mean clean wefted hair. Other wise you could get dirty nit filled hair or hair that's still dirty but also unwefted. Most vendors now use the term Raw hair to describe Virgin hair that has been cleaned wefted and untouched by chemical, dyes, silicone or steam. If this is actual what you get, also understand that no two bundles will ever be the same. You always have variations in texture, luster and color. Often the ends of the hair may have split-ends or be lighter due to sun exposure. Remember the hair has not be altered so the ends won't be trimmed. Lastly curl uniformity could be hit or miss. Why? Think of a curl as strands that cluster together to make a tree branch if that cluster is spread out to make a weft it may also disturb the uniformity of the curl (tree branch). Raw hair will appear fluffy and brushed out. It's luster and shine is also not as high as processed hair that is coated with silicone.


Remy refers to hair that is still has a cuticle and is aligned. Remy will usually have minimal tangling. However, this doesn't mean no tangling. This is because Remy hair does not necessarily mean single donor bundle. Remy hair is usually composed of hair from multiple donors. Hair from two donors with textures that are dissimilar will tangle. Think of how that unprocessed leave out tangles with hair extensions that do not match in texture. So, is multiple donors a bad thing... no. Most hair on the market, even the good stuff will be from multiple donors with hair that is very similar in texture and luster.


Run!!! This is a rats nest waiting to happen since the cuticles (scales) on the hair do not run in the same direction. Usually the cuticle will also be stripped by a chemical (acid bath) and coated with silicone to make it silky and tangle free. But beware ... its only for a couple washes before you hit rats nest territory. You do not want this hair! However, there is one benefit to knowing this information.   If you ever have hair extensions that tangle like hell and you absolutely need them to work you can bleach bathe the hair and wash with a heavy silicone conditioner to save the hair temporarily or to revive hair that's on its last leg. However, never do this to your customers hair. They deserve great hair from the start. This is only for personal emergencies.

Also note, some Chinese vendors will use Remy converting machines that uses fallen Non-Remy hair. The machine allows the operator to pull out hair that is not aligned. this is NOT fool proof... only a percentage of hair can be aligned this way. So you may still experience tangling.

Cuticle Hair

Hair that the cuticle is still intact. This does not mean the hair is Remy or Virgin for that matter. Cuticle hair could be non-remy without the acid bath so be mindful.

Steamed (Hydro-thermal processing)

Got a problem with steamed hair... Well baby you must not wear Yaki, tight curly, that body-ful (yes I made that word up) loose curly or kinky-minky hair. Tight curly virgin non-steamed hair is as rare as a two headed, blue eyed, baby albino tiger. A lot of hair is kissed by steam to enhance or produce curl. When the hydro-thermal technique is used carefully on raw hair there is really no downside. This technique is very similar to cooking in a pressure cooker believe it or not. Hair is rodded or wrapped with texture fabrics to create various textures and patterns. However, over steam it and you damage the cuticle making the hair dry and brittle. Under-steam it and you may have a curl pattern that loses it curl pattern after a few washes door after thermal straightening.  This is where a knowledgeable, experienced and honest vendor comes in. If your vendor only steams virgin Remy hair correctly the curl will last the life of any well maintained Raw hair. Deception is rampant in the hair industry good vendors will tell you the truth. At that you can make an informed decision based on preference. I love my yaki and tight curly hair Boo!

Chemical processing (Acid-bath)

This is the use of a caustic chemical that blows out the hair shaft and strips away the outer cuticle so that hair can run in any direction without tangling. This would be a great idea if it didnt damage the hair to hell. Once this is done its only a matter of time before the hair turns brittle and breaks off ... just like hair over processed with bleach or that bad relaxer. Run!!!

Coating (silicone coating)

Many shampoos and conditioners utilize silicone. Which is why hair feels better after washing and conditioning. This isn't necessarily a bad thing until it causes build up. At which point you would need to clarify your hair. The most undesirable run in with silicone is when it's masking an absolute disaster... like over-processed acid bath hair. Just be aware this can beauty mask on a Rats nest!


Allow me to shed some light on hair collected from the ends of the globe.

Brazilian - (Read the BBC article Truth about the Brazilian hair label)

Majority of hair labeled Brazilian is not. Even hair from Brazilian may be hair imported from Indian and China, processed and resold as "Brazilian". Is there Brazilian hair? Yes. But the amount of hair that actually originates from Brazil is minuscule compared to that of the "Brazilian"  styled hair label. In most cases Brazilian hair is a blend of Indian and Chinese hair to produce a thicker yet wavy texture with less shine.

Burmese (Myanmar) - Sure there is Burmese hair.


(Work in Process... Come back later for more info)








Southeast Asian (SEA)









7A - 10A



What the hell just happened to my hair?

Cornchips, Wet animal, musty and Fishy smell?

Hair turned green after bleaching?

Bleach fried it?

Hair melted?

Wont bleach or take the color?

Wont curl or hold a curl?

Coloring turned it frizzy

Excessive shedding (long hairs)

Excessive shedding (short hairs)

Rats nest at nape

Rats nest at scalp

Rats nest after washing

Rats nest when I woke up